Submitting Bug Reports

If you've found a bug, we really want to know about it so that we can fix it. We use Github for managing our bugs and feature requests.

Generally we prefer if you don't email us directly to tell us about a bug since we will only add it to Github. This does not mean that we pay any less attention to your problem than we would otherwise do without the issue tracker. Using Github makes things far easier for use to organize our workflow and it allows you to keep informed as we work on the problem.

When you enter your bug…

You need to make sure you provide as much detail as possible, such as the code you're using that is revealing the problem, or the steps taken to reproduce the problem. The version number of both your PHP installation and the Swift Mailer download you have is also vital information.

  1. Go to our Github project at
  2. If you have an account already, log in, otherwise create a new account
  3. (Preferably) do a quick search to make sure nobody else has submitted the same bug
  4. Click on "Create a New Ticket"
  5. Make sure you use a descriptive title and as much detail as you can in your description:
    • Describe what is happening and what you expect to happen
    • Include the code the revealed the problem and/or the steps to reproduce the problem
    • Include the exact version of your PHP installation (phpversion() will show this)
    • Include the exact version of Swift Mailer you're using (check the VERSION file)
    • Don't add any tags or assign the ticket to any developers. The development team will do this.

When we work on the ticket that you have submitted, you will receive emails from Github (at your discretion) so that you are kept informed about the developments. You can update the ticket with new information by replying to these emails.

Go to our Github page at to enter your bug.

add a new bug
Create a New Ticket
Add a new bug report in the Github issue system

Ask on the Google Group

If you're contacting us to get some support, we'd strongly advise that you use the Google Group since you'll get a faster response and others will be able to benefit from any solutions that arise from the discussion.

The Swift Mailer group on Google is [email protected] which you can access here.